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Experience Futuristic Housekeeping

Experience housekeeping like never before. Subscribe to our service and enjoy a clean apartment without lifting a finger. Download our app today and delegate your house chores.

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On demand housekeeping with trusted & verified cleaners

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Cleanbot reimburses you up to $2M for any damage to your home/apartment/loft, so take comfort in knowing you are protected

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Our 1st generation flagship cleaning robot

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The world's first robot to automate shower and bathtub cleaning

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Rt-1: A Bath & Shower cleanbot

Heavy duty performance for all Shower Wall Panel and Tile types including Stone | Marble | Glass | Porcelain | Fiberglass as well as the Shower Pan & Bases

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Safeguarding job opportunities for our cleaners While being committed to innovation

“Our robots are designed to empower cleaners by working alongside them. That is why we are committed to investing in training and education programs to help workers develop the skills they need to thrive in the automated economy.”

These are not sugar coated words - check out our blog for the plan on this ˃

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